Commerce without Borders

Aurora is an end-to-end solution for global customs and trade management. Designed by customs and software experts in order to drive efficiency in the time-critical and complex customs and trade landscape.

Auroras Software-as-a-Service cloud-based solution joins the worlds of global trade and logistics, and it is kept up to date with changing legislation and tariff measures automatically. All of this means that we take the burden of knowledge leaving you to get on with the things that matter.

An intuitive, modular, customs software solution, Aurora automates your customs declarations flawlessly, ensuring that, that will ensure compliance with new regulations effortlessly.


Aurora Customs Intelligence (Ci)

Digital infrastructure for seamless and automated customs & import VAT clearance – fully compliant with the new EU customs & VAT regulation and working with both postal & commercial channel.

Cross border e-commerce sales and shipments to EU will be paralyzed without meeting the new requirements from 2021 when all consignments to EU have to be digitally recorded and pre-announced. The new EU VAT Ecommerce package will change the customs and import duty legal framework in the EU fundamentally. On 1 June 2021, this will result in the requirement to provide digital & standardized data in advance for each and every shipment independent of its value, in a new simplified customs procedure for low-value shipments, in the end of the paper-based & HS code free postal customs clearance and in a new EU one-stop-shop VAT model allowing to pay VAT in all EU countries using a single ID and a single account.

Aurora VAT & Duty Declaration Service Platform (SaaS)

provides the digital infrastructure to be fully compliant to this new environment. It provides easy & convenient connectivity and data exchange between the Service Platform and the IT system of online merchants, marketplaces, postal operators, logistics operators and other ecommerce service providers, supporting all relevant postal and commercial standards and allowing seamless switching between postal and commercial channels.


Duty and Tax Calculator

Provides all required data for calculating customs duties and import VAT in all destination countries (landed costs, DDP)

Data Quality Enhancement

Uses machine learning to assess and optimise data quality (e.g. ontology based similarity models assessing HS code correctness) and adds additional data (e.g. GTIN, inventory links) and documents to the declaration process to simplify and accelerate processing by customs authorities; this results in faster customs clearance speed, less check sampling and therefore in shorter lead times and lower cost

Declaration Lifecycle Management

Ensures highly secure data exchange with all integrated stakeholders and an archive of all data & digital documents fully compliant to all relevant standards & regulation

Customs & VAT Declaration

Takes care of the customs clearance workflow in the customs area of destination; the module supports the simplified customs clearance procedures for low value consignment up to 150 EUR (in force from 1 June 2021) and is fully compliant to the new EU customs regime and to all UPU / CEN / ETSI standards. It allows clearing & payment of all import VAT; the module is fully compliant to the new EU VAT eCommerce Packata and is prepared to use the new EU VAT one-stop-solution to pay all local VAT rates & amounts using a single VAT ID and a single VAT account

Fiscal Representation Management

Supports the new VAT one-stop-shop solution of EU; Aurora Service Platforms opens & manages a local VAT account on behalf of the client, acts as its legal fiscal representative and takes care of all import VAT payments compliant with all local laws & regulations; as this results in a clear liability of the fiscal representative within the customs area, the customs & tax authorities know they will be paid, resulting in a accelerated processing time